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He Chucked His Wife In Front Of Me! | Real Life Story | Indian Wrines

Hey guys! Welcome to Indian Wrines. My name is Siddhant Lavania. Today I just wanted to share a true story, a real life experience with everyone reading this. A situation happened with me a day back. I am going to tell you what exactly happened. I have also asked in the end if I did the right thing in that situation. Please do let me know in the comments and yea do Subscribe to this blog, Indian Wrines.

So the previous day, my mom asked me to bring some vegetables from the market and just like every other Indian mom, dhaniya (Corriander) and hari mirchi (Green Spice) were specially mentioned to me. So, I went on my scooty but while I was coming back from the market, I got stuck in traffic. It was day time. Generally I don't see so much traffic here in day time. I really didn't know why there was so much of congestion.
There is also a small village near our locality. A road passes through that village which connect to my home, basically a short cut. I rarely go by that road fo…

The Day When I Lost My TV Remote | Funny Indian Blog | Indian Wrines

Hey! Welcome back to Indian Wrines where we tell you how to jump off the mountains. (I know. How can I be so funny!)

Hey guys! Welcome to Indian Wrines, my name is Siddhant Lavania and I am a happy kid. What? You wanna be happy like me? Oh! Simple, just subscribe to this blog, I upload regularly (kind off). See, to be happy, you need to surround yourself with happy things. That's why I am telling you to 'Subscribe'. That will be the best thing you could ever do for yourself. You don't know how to subscribe? Look around, no-no, not in real but look around on your screen, scroll up, down a bit .... AHH... here, you see that right (Coding magic) just click on it, complete the 20 second verification process and done! You unlocked the door to happiness.

Okay, come back to the main story. 'Finding Remote'. Now most of us have TV's. If you do not have a TV then probably this is going to be a lil unrelatable for you. But, still read, at least you will know the str…

When I Went To An Indian Wedding | Funny Life Situation | Indian Wrines

Hi. I know you are here because of the title. Sorry, that was a bait. Nothing related to marriage or any thing. Hello guys, today I will be telling you how to get a Government job......... Okay- okay. I am kidding, you are at the right place, at the right spot. So feel happy and since you are so happy please do subscribe the blog so that you can get notifications whenever I post again. At least subscribe to get happy.

Sooooo, in an Indian middle class family, you are informed a month ago. About what? About the marriage that is going to happen the next month, or maybe a marriage that will be happening next year. This is nothing, I have seen an uncle talking about his son's marriage with his friend. His son was 5 years old. He didn't even know the concept of bathroom and his marriage talks were happening. Do you wonder what was his dad actually talking about. Nothing much, he was just inviting his friend in his son's future happening marriage. You understand the point I am …

When I Went For A Morning Walk | Funny Life Situation | Indian Wrines

So I am not a fan of morning walks. I mean who is (except RS...). Morning walks, walking in morning, really? Was it the reason I was born? NO!! BUT, YESS!! I said when I saw my mom pointing her slap towards me. Obviously everyone in his/her lifetime have went for a moring walk but only a few have been consistent for years. It is like that competetion exam of a country for which everyone applies for but only a few could clear. LOL! Wut!

So, Ya I was forced for a morning walk. In movies or TV serials, mothers wake up thier kids so nicely. First, they let the light sun come in through your room's window by removing the curtains out of thier way. Then, give a kiss on thier child's forehead and nicely say, "Wake up, its 10, time for breakfast." But in reality (or at least with my mom) my mom starts scolding me (sometimes slaps too) at 6:00 am in the morning because how I couldn't wake up at 5:00 am. Like my morning starts with slaps. You feel bad for me? I know. Than…

What To Write In A Blog Post? | Funny Situation Blog | Indian Wrines

So I was sitting in a park, thinking what to write in a blog post or maybe in my next blog post. I had several thoughts that time, "Lets write this, no this, no this, lets not write" and many more thoughts. Nothing suited much to be a post in my blogs. Therefor I ended up writing my thoughts and by thoughts here, I mean different ideas I had. So, let us see how and what I think:

(My First Thought)

Life In Park: Being in a park while I write this, was the best topic I could think first. I thought to describe my surroundings in the park in a funny way, which I always do (I am not funny? So are you. Did I say anything?). So I looked around, greenry everywhere, kids with thier moms, kids with their dads, kids with grandparents, kids with kids, grandparents with moms and dads, grandparents abnormal yoga poses (Relax), dogs fighting their own family issues, birds being birds, people sleeping in shadows of trees and then me with my pen and notebook. This was all I could see in the p…


By The Way, I am not in school anymore. Its just I was scrolling through some old pictures when I found my school picture. Nostalgia hit me up and I remembered a day when I wanted to take a day off but convincing my parents for that, without any valid reason, was really difficult, kind of impossible. So I tried a trick, but was I able to accomplish my mission Holiday?
Read out:

So kids, if you are reading this then today you are going to learn an excuse so that you can take a day off from school. People will be like, "Sid, what are you doing!!", "You are spoiling kids, you are spoiling future generation." Sed 😔. CHILL UP. One day missed from school won't alter your children's chances of being a clerk in an office. WHAATT!!!! Yes! Schools train you to be a clerk. Clerk is not a bad option (I know I have to be diplomatic).
So kids try this technique once a month only okay, alright twice a month, thats it. Otherwise your schools will fail to cage your brain …


I remember, we ate bread with butter that afternoon because we had to go for a family dinner (obviously in a restaurant). Now who we? My family which includes my parents and my younger sister. In a middle class family, you 'plan' your dinner outing a week ago. It is not that randomly, your mom do not feel good to cook so you all go to 5 star then. No, if that is the case because mothers do feel tierd, then we order from restaurants. Do you see this? Going to a restaurant and ordering from a restaurant is very different thing. For going out you have dress to impress, who? Ofcoure the waiters and other people eating, right? So basically, dining outside in a restaurant is, people sitting, eating and judging each other.

Now it was the time. We all started getting ready. My mom took out her expensive suits (Indian wear), my dad picking up his best pair of shirt and pant; my sister took out her best, newest dress possible, who is never seen by anyone ever, not even by us. Wait, wha…